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Achieving Optimal Readmission Rate by Creating a High Reliability Environment
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ROTH Readmission
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About the Course

UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh are collectively committed to solving the problem of readmissions by improving communication among health care teams, better assessing a patient’s readiness to leave the hospital, and increasing social support and connections for patients at discharge. 

Combining these tactics with the principles of high reliability organizations and effective change management will provide a framework for hospitals and the community to begin working together to provide safer health care for patients. 

This course is a recorded video from the Anne C. Sonis Memorial Lecture, part of the Achieving Optimal Readmission Rate by Creating a High Reliability Environment part of the Dr. Loren Roth Quality and Patient Safety Speaker Series event on February 10, 2020 that includes the following presentation:

Achieving Optimal Readmission Rates by Creating a High Reliability Environment 
Allan Frankel, MD 
Safe and Reliable Healthcare  

The Speaker Series was designed to provide health care clinicians, executives, managers, and board members with an overview of theory and best practices related to quality and patient safety. It encourages new thinking, problem solving, and the forging of innovative pathways to deliver on the promise of a safer health care system.

CME credits will be offered after viewing course material and completing the course quiz and survey.

* This course is only available to UPMC or University of Pittsburgh employees.


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